Ngrave reveals more details about the world’s most secure hardware cryptpto-purse


The digital asset security company, Ngrave, published more details about „Zero“, its hardware cryptpto purse that works without an internet connection. As previously reported, Zero claims to be the first hardware cryptpto purse to receive EAL7 certification, one of the highest security ratings in the world.

Ngrave announces a military grade hardware cryptpto-purse
The evaluation level is classified from EAL1 to EAL7, the latter being the most complete test possible, which includes project documentation and analysis, and functional and penetration testing.

Unwavering security

To obtain this certification, Zero integrated ProvenCore, a reliable execution system or TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), created by the company Prove & Run, whose co-owner Christophe Pagezy explained:

„ProvenCore is the first TEE to be formally tested down to the generated code. The test also covers all essential parts of TEE. ProvenCore provides a significantly higher level of security at a lower cost“

The software is combined with a new highly secure and tamper-proof microprocessor unit from ST Electronics. Zero also has a secure element integrated into a sealed, tamper-proof metal housing, which also acts as a shield against incoming and outgoing frequencies.

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Pioneers in digital security
Unlike many hardware wallets, Zero does not rely on a „master seed“ built into the device, but incorporates biometric data elements such as fingerprints and even environmental changes in light levels.

Zero avoids USB or Bluetooth connections, making it completely secure and error-proof.

Instead, communication between the device and the cell phone application is exclusively through QR codes, which do not contain any data about the user’s private keys.

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Ngrave’s CEO, Ruben Merre, explained why potential customers should consider using Zero:

„The firmware and hardware of our technology meets the strictest specifications possible in the security industry. This allows us to assure NGRAVE wallet customers that they will be the owners of the world’s most secure cold wallet crypto wallet, following the highest security and technology standards in the world.

As reported by Cointelegraph, Ngrave recently hired Jean-Jaques Quisquater as a consultant. Quisquater is a pioneering cryptographer and was quoted by Satoshi Nakamoto in the original

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